How to buy happiness

I know it’s a controversial headline I just put out there. We have been thought that money can’t buy happiness, but I have been wondering… The older I get the more I think that I can buy happiness! Whaaat?!?! Sounds insane, but there is something to it.  There is a couple of ways actually to be happy your purchase and here they are:

Buy someone a gift

Buying something to another person will automatically make you happy with the decision that you made, when you the other person be happy for the gift. And I agree. Giving something away that you know THAT person will love is….. priceless.


Buy an experience

A unforgettable vacation…. nothing is worth more than spending time on your favourite beach, city or mountain with someone you love (even if that is another person or yourself). Aaahh… sounds amazing doesn’t it? 🙂 Looking back at my amazing trips to so many beautiful places, it is worth the money that I spent on them (even if my Mastercard suffered). But even a small thing can have much value, like a foot massage or an evening at the Cinema with your best girl friends. Threat yourself and be merry!


Buy something with deeper meaning

Essentially, if you buy something that you FEEL has more value than the product costs it will make you happier for longer and you will be more satisfied with your purchase. To know that you have supported something that is important to you, or someone that you believe in, will make that product more valuable. And we are all interested in a good deal, right? So feeling that you get more for your money, will make that “shopping high”  feeling last much, much longer.


how to buy happiness