Oh what a day, what a day! Even though most of my days (until I finally have sent all the order out to my beloved customers and get supergood feedback) are filled with nervousness and be anxiety, I get these amazing days like today 🙂 First of all: I have sold so many bags in the pre-sale offer that I’m almost out of bags on pre-sale price! I am very glad so many of you want to buy my bags even though you know that you will not get it until the end of november. I have always known that people are interested in design, exclusive products and to have something not everyone else have and it gives me so much JOY to see you buying my design! And the other thing that I am so happy for today is that I got a another super cute store to sell my bags 🙂 🙂 It’s called Mille May and is located in Bygdøy Alleè. They are focusing on norwegian/scandinavian design from this fall so I will be in good company.

Anyway! Yes it’s Friday and I’m happy and feeling very positive about EBETH and my new collection. Thank you all for your support <3