Weekend work

Last weekend I was at M4 Studio in Oslo where the amazing photographer Klaudia Iga Pérès took magazine photos of my new collection. It was so much fun and the result was awesome! She created a different concepts for every bag in the collection to emphasise each own look. Klaudia took the lead as a great art director adding the perfect colours, materials and backdrop.

ebeth photoshoot

Klaudia at work in the studio.

ebeth photoshoot bucket

Klaudia chose a spring look with coral fan (responsibly sourced) from Vanessa Cardui and marble surface for the Bucket. It gave that naked and dry feeling and reminded me of a spring day at the beach.

ebeth photoshoot handbag

Klaudia checking the pictures and making sure it’s perfect.


As I’m writing this article I received the result after Klaudias touch up work.  I’m really excited to show you the final work soon!