I want to spread the love for Norwegian design!

Since I am a small and humble design brand I have decided to have a contest to get you engaged in Norwegian design. I know that you have amazing friends that deserves to know about EBETH and my awesome brand. So I have made a contest for you guys with a chance to win a reward of 1100NOK on any bag from my web shop! It’s very easy – Just klick on this link and you will be sent to an email sign up form. Write your email and confirm you are human (Check!) and you get your personal link to share to all your beautiful friends. When they sign up with your link, I will receive a referral code and you will receive an email. When you have 5 or more you are in the contest to win this AWESOME reward of 1100NOK to spend on any of my bags online!! Easy peasy 😀  Oh, and remember that in April/May I will have the new collection available… AIIIIT!

ebeth contest win reward